Stucco Siding Alternatives for Denver Homes and Businesses

Stucco siding is a unique option with a Spanish aesthetic that many homeowners and business owners desire. With this inherently fire-retardant, soundproofing material, stucco may seem like an ideal choice for your next siding replacement project. Stucco does present many downfalls–this labor-intensive siding material is more expensive due to the required installation method. Stucco also isn’t a great option for properties in Denver since it only has moderate moisture-resistance. There are many stucco alternatives now available that provide the stucco aesthetic paired with lower costs, easier installation, and other great durability benefits.

James Hardie® Stucco Panel Siding for Denver Properties

One of our favorite stucco alternatives is engineered by James Hardie®. Backed by climate-specific technology, their stucco panels provide the authentic look of stucco but with much higher strength. These stucco panels are non-combustible and provide high resistance to moisture rot, pests, termites, fungal decay, and more. Available with ColorPlus® technology, homeowners and business owners can appreciate the UV-resistant benefits that keep their property looking fresh for decades.

James Hardie® Stucco Vertical Siding Product Description
James Hardie® HardiePanel® Vertical Siding Stucco Product Description
James Hardie® Stucco HardiePanel® Product Description

Stucco Siding Alternatives for Denver Residential and Commercial Properties

Experience the gorgeous, unique look of stucco siding from leading siding manufacturers. Siding Denver is honored to provide stucco siding alternatives that enhance curb appeal, lower your maintenance needs, and improve the durability of your property. Homeowners and business owners can take advantage of these cost-effective options that provide incredible, exclusive benefits.

  • Sto® Cement Board Stucco Systems: Powered by fiber cement, these stucco system boards are ideal for commercial properties. The impact-resistant, fire-resistant material provides further strength while enhancing Wellshire property exterior aesthetics.

Sto® Stucco StoQuik Silver DrainScreen Booklet
Sto® Stucco StoPowerwall DrainScreen Residential Booklet
Sto® Stucco StoPowerwall ci Commercial Booklet

  • LP® ArmorStrand® Stucco Composite Wood Siding: LP® SmartSide® is the industry leader in engineered composite wood siding, delivering a highly durable product that mimics the appearance of stucco for homes in Globeville.

LP® ArmorStrand® Panels DRYVIR TAFS3 Product Description
LP® Armorstrand® Panel Application
LP® SmartSide® ArmorStrand® Product Catalog

  • Allura™ Stucco Fiber Cement Siding: Allura™ offers class A fire-rated fiber cement with the authentic look of stucco. Perfect for homes and businesses throughout University Hills, Allura™ stucco alternative siding is available in 30 vibrant colors.

Allura™ Stucco Fiber Cement Panel Siding Installation Manual
Allura™ Stucco Fiber Cement Panel Siding Brochure
Allura™ Stucco Fiber Cement Siding Specification Sheet

Stucco Siding Alternatives for Commercial Properties in Denver

The gorgeous look of textured stucco can be easily achieved through our stucco alternative siding options. Experience low maintenance and cost-effective pricing when choosing James Hardie®, Allura™, LP® Amorstrand®, Sto®, and many more. These more sustainable options can improve property strength while providing potential insurance premium benefits.  

Work with Denver's Stucco Siding Alternative Experts

Siding Denver is honored to provide premium stucco siding alternatives for homes and businesses throughout the Denver area. We’re happy to go over all the pros and cons of each siding material to find what’s best for your property. If you still decide to go with traditional stucco siding after learning about the alternatives, we’re happy to recommend you to stucco specialists. For more information regarding stucco siding alternatives, please contact us! 

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