Diamond Kote® Prefinished Siding Solutions for Denver Residences

Diamond Kote® prefinished siding delivers instant curb appeal engineered to last. Powered by the incredible durability of premium siding solution LP® SmartSide®, Diamond Kote® offers an all-in-one siding system that can minimize your maintenance requirements, heighten curb appeal, and improve property value. LP® SmartSide® is an engineered wood composite siding that’s been treated with a proprietary blend of strengthening agents that optimize your siding’s resistance to the numerous Denver elements. Diamond Kote® pairs this strength with long-lasting beauty for a siding solution that any home or business can take advantage of.

Built On LP® SmartSide® for High Durability in Denver Homes

This siding is engineered to withstand extreme winds up to 200 mph and offers significant impact resistance for the ultimate defense of your property. With high impact resistance to severe hail, stray golf balls, and more, Diamond Kote® delivers on strength without sacrificing appearance. Diamond Kote® offers resistance to moisture, fungal decay, pests, and other harsh elements. Homeowners can count on their siding investment standing up to Colorado’s harsh weather.

Lasting Curb Appeal with Long-Term Savings in Mind

Diamond Kote® utilizes an advanced paint technology that’s formulated with the purest metal oxide colorants that have been extracted from rocks. The naturally occurring pigments won’t fade over time, offering lasting, vibrant siding for years to come. This siding is also UV resistant: a premium benefit for properties here in Denver. Avoid the costly paint jobs required by other siding materials. While other finishes are porous, leading to a dull finish that often traps dirt and moisture, Diamond Kote® stands the test of time. The scratch-resistant finish has been formulated to surpass all adhesion standards, offering industry leading paint technology. With beautiful color collections to choose from, historic homes and modern properties alike can find the perfect siding from Diamond Kote®.

Work with Denver’s Premium Diamond Kote® Siding Contractors

Siding Denver is humbled to be the premium Diamond Kote® siding contractor serving the Denver metro area. Work with our designers to formulate the perfect color scheme for keeping your home gorgeous for years to come. Enjoy comprehensive warranty benefits, LP® SmartSide® durability, and a prefinished option for instant curb appeal. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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