The Ultimate Siding Denver Guide for Residential Properties

Home improvements can always become an overwhelming project for any homeowner. In order to make the most out of your investment, finding the right siding material and brand can make all the difference. It’s critical to do your research and determine what’s important for your specific project. Is low-maintenance siding preferable? Do you have budget concerns? Addressing these questions first can help you make the most informed purchasing decision for your upcoming siding replacement project. Whether you’re looking for new siding for your dream home or needing to improving property value before your upcoming sell, we’ve got you covered.

Determining Your Siding Denver Requirements

Before you start looking for the right siding material for your project, it’s important to determine the exact scope of your needs and what your goals and priorities are. Siding can address a lot of different concerns – make the most out of your long-term investment by setting the following parameters first:

  • Budget: Do you have a set budget for your siding project? Think about upfront investment, maintenance costs, and ROI. While some siding may be less expensive to begin with, it may require more upkeep, repairs, and quicker replacement. Keep this all in mind when setting your budget.
  • Maintenance: There have been recent innovations in the siding industry, leading to low-maintenance options. Some siding materials require a lot of care and maintenance, meaning more future costs. Consider your lifestyle and if maintenance requirements are important.
  • Curb Appeal: Is there a specific vision you have in mind when you think about your future curb appeal? Are you interested in a specific color palette or need something creative to feature your home’s architectural features? This can help narrow down the siding contenders based on what you’re hoping to achieve with curb appeal.
  • Protection: Are you looking for the most durable protection available? Or something more mid-range? This is another important factor to consider when looking for the right siding option for your Denver home.
  • Other Considerations: Do you need anything special like soundproofing or energy conservation? There are specialty siding options that can help you with this, just make sure to consider if you have any special needs you’re looking to accomplish.

Fiber Cement Siding for Denver Homes

One of our highly-recommended siding materials is fiber cement. It’s one of the most durable and delivers exclusive benefits like being fire retardant and having high impact resistance. Some of our favorite manufacturers of fiber cement are James Hardie and the Magnolia Collection by James Hardie. Homeowners looking for low maintenance requirements, better curb appeal, and high durability can appreciate fiber cement siding. While this is a more premium option with premium pricing, it delivers decades of protection and peace of mind. Enjoy protection against termites, moisture rot, fungal decay, and more.

Engineered Wood Composite Siding for Denver Residences

Another great contender to look into is engineered wood composite siding. It can offer some of the premium benefits of fiber cement but at a more budget-friendly price. Engineered wood composite siding is available from a variety of manufacturers like LP SmartSide and Diamond Kote. Experience both unpainted and pre-finished options depending on your curb appeal and maintenance needs. Engineered wood composite siding has great resistance to moisture, impact, termites, fungal decay, and more. It is available in numerous design options as well so you can transform your curb appeal.

Steel Siding for Denver Residential Properties

Steel siding has been one of the favorite options for commercial properties for decades. Alside’s steel siding collection has made this siding material a popular one among residential properties. With high durability and low maintenance needs, homeowners can enjoy this protective siding option with better curb appeal benefits. The collection from Alside offers both modern and woodgrain aesthetics so you can create a beautiful look while minimizing your maintenance needs.

Wood and Cedar Siding for Your Denver Property

While it does require a lot more maintenance and care, and comes at a higher cost, wood and cedar siding is a really special choice. Wood and cedar siding delivers that true Colorado feel and is unmatched when compared to other siding materials. We source our wood siding from local manufacturers like Rocky Mountain Forest Products and Specialty Wood Products. Cedar siding even has natural water and pest-resistant features, providing some great benefits.

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