Fiber Cement Siding for Denver Homes and Businesses

Fiber cement siding offers Denver homeowners and business owners with an innovative siding option that provides optimal durability and exclusive benefits that are perfect for properties that experience dual-climate weather and rapid climate change. Fiber cement siding is a form of composite siding that’s engineered with Portland cement, sand, cellulose, and water for an incredible noncombustible product. With numerous companies manufacturing fiber cement siding, Denver Siding is honored to partner with the leading brands to provide property owners with the best fiber cement siding solutions. 

Fiber Cement Siding Benefits for Denver Properties

Fiber cement siding delivers exclusive benefits that lower maintenance requirements while providing comprehensive durability and strength for homes and businesses throughout the Denver metro area. We always recommend fiber cement siding for Colorado properties due to its superior protective qualities. Fiber cement siding has:

  • Fire-retardant material: Fiber cement siding is inherently noncombustible, providing a safer option than vinyl and wood.
  • Pest resistance: Experience a thick, durable siding material that’s resistant to termites, insects, birds, and other pests.
  • Fade protection: Many fiber cement manufacturers offer UV-resistant options that ensure long-term vibrancy and curb appeal.
  • Rot/moisture resistance: Fiber cement siding provides optimal resistance against moisture, making it a great option for Denver properties.
  • Beautiful aesthetics: Fiber cement siding is available in numerous design options, mimicking authentic wood grain, stucco, and more.

James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding for Denver Residential and Commercial Properties

Our favorite fiber cement siding brand that we like to recommend for both residential and commercial properties is James Hardie®. With numerous resources dedicated to research and development, James Hardie® offers the only climate-specific fiber cement siding solution.

  • HardieZone® H5: HardieZone® was created in order to provide siding that’s specifically engineered based on your location’s climate. Denver properties can benefit from H5 siding products, which are designed for dual-climate properties with significant moisture exposure.
  • ColorPlus® Technology: Available in over 700 colors, ColorPlus® Technology is a prefinished option that provides incredible fade resistance along with instant curb appeal.
  • Comprehensive design: From shingles to beaded panels, homeowners and business owners can find the perfect aesthetic for their property. Large format fiber cement panels are available from their Aspyre collection as well.
  • Extensive accents and trim: HardieSoffit® and HardieTrim® are available for creating visual interest and adding beautiful style to all aspects of your property’s exterior.

Fiber Cement Siding Brands for Your Denver Property

Denver Siding is happy to offer options from all the leading fiber cement siding brands, ensuring you’ll find the perfect solution for your home or business. Experience all the benefits of fiber cement with different design options and color palettes. 

  • Nichiha fiber cement siding: With comprehensive large format panels and boards, their modern approach to fiber cement siding can be utilized by both residential and commercial properties. The gorgeous vertical and lap siding designs are great for homes in the Cherry Creek area.

Nichiha Fiber Cement Residential Brochure
Nichiha Fiber Cement Siding Evaluation Services
Nichiha Fiber Cement Siding Installation Guide

  • Allura™ Fiber Cement siding: From shake to lap siding options, Allura™ is a great option for homes and businesses throughout the South Broadway area. Allura™ has beautiful color options that promote incredible curb appeal.

Allura Fiber Cement Siding Installation Manual
Allura Fiber Cement Panel Siding Brochure
Allura Fiber Cement Siding Specification Sheet

  • American Fiber Cement Corporation: For commercial properties in the Highland area, American Fiber Cement Corporation is a great option for a low maintenance and contemporary look. The large platform fiber cement panels are great for stadiums, businesses, multi-family units, and more.

American Fiber Cement Corporation Cladding Solutions Brochure
American Fiber Cement Corporation R-Tec CI System Brochure
American Fiber Cement Corporation Delta-Fassades Brochure

  • GAF™ WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding: GAF™ WeatherSide™ offers different price points for ultimate versatility among properties. With beautiful color and design options, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution for your home or business. This siding solution is ideal for homes in Washington Park.

GAF™ WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding Sell Sheet
GAF™ WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding Product Evaluation
GAF™ WeatherSide™ Fiber Cement Siding Brochure

  • Finex fiber cement siding: With an incredible selection of large format fiber cement panels, Finex delivers a smooth, modern look that’s perfect for residential and commercial properties throughout Capitol Hill.

Finex Fiber Cement Decks and Balconies Brochure
Finex Fiber Cement Finishing Products Brochure
Finex Fiber Cement Installation Guide

  • Woodtone™ fiber cement siding: This specialty siding company engineers fiber cement siding that looks and feels like authentic wood. With wood coloration and variation, homeowners and business owners can achieve that rustic look without the high cost or maintenance.

Woodtone™ Rustic Series Fiber Cement Siding Catalogue
Woodtone™ Fiber Cement Siding In-Depth Brochure
Woodtone™ Rustic Series Fiber Cement Siding Brochure

Fiber Cement Siding Commercial Applications in Denver

Fiber cement siding is one of the best options for commercial properties. Due to its high durability, fire-retardant nature, and low maintenance needs, fiber cement siding may even provide a discount on your property insurance. From traditional lap siding to large format fiber cement panels, commercial property owners will be able to achieve the exact aesthetic they’re looking for.

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