Diamond Kote® Prefinished Siding Solutions for Denver Residences

Diamond Kote® prefinished siding delivers instant curb appeal engineered to last. Powered by the incredible durability of premium siding solution LP® SmartSide®, Diamond Kote® offers an all-in-one siding system that can minimize your maintenance requirements, heighten curb appeal, and improve property value. LP® SmartSide® is an engineered wood composite siding that’s been treated with a proprietary blend of strengthening agents that optimize your siding’s resistance to the numerous Denver elements. Diamond Kote® pairs this strength with long-lasting beauty for a siding solution that any home or business can take advantage of.  Your home or business is likely the biggest investment you will make in your life–protect it with LP Diamond Kote siding and a Denver siding company you can trust–Siding Denver!

Work with Denver’s Premium Diamond Kote® Siding Contractors

Siding Denver is humbled to be the premium Diamond Kote® siding contractor serving the Denver metro area. We understand how important the look of your biggest investment, your home, is to you.  Work with our designers to formulate the perfect color scheme for keeping your home gorgeous for years to come. Enjoy comprehensive warranty benefits, LP® SmartSide® durability, and a prefinished option for instant curb appeal. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

Built On LP® SmartSide® for High Durability in Denver Homes

This siding is engineered to withstand extreme winds up to 200 mph and offers significant impact resistance for the ultimate defense of your property. With high impact resistance to severe hail, stray golf balls, and more, Diamond Kote® delivers on strength without sacrificing appearance. Diamond Kote® offers resistance to moisture, fungal decay, pests, and other harsh elements. Homeowners can count on their siding investment standing up to Colorado’s harsh weather.

Siding Colors to Fit Your Personal Style

 You are sure to find something just right for your Denver home.  Whether it is an elegant white/black combo for your stately Congress Park home or a bold blank/ blank look for your Washington Park Bungalow–Diamond Kote has colors that please.  If you are looking for something modern–check out their Adventurer Series–filled with cutting-edge hues.  For historic homes, Diamond Kote® has many traditional color combinations in the Minimalist Series that are sure to please.

Why Diamond Kote Technology Works For Any Denver Home


Diamond Kote consistently produces the most cutting-edge colors and inspiration series in the siding business today.  You can build a beautiful color palette on your own that expresses your personal style.  Or you can have Siding Denver design something just for your Denver home’s unique character.

Diamond Kote’s color studio has four combo palettes to inspire brilliant ideas for your home’s new siding.

  1. Naturalist: Earthy balanced tones for those who love inspiration from the outdoors
  2. Dreamer: Light, airy blues and grays inspired by the calming colors or water and morning
  3. Adventurer: Bold but natural-looking blues, greens and brown balanced with calming neutrals 
  4. Minimalist: A unique take on neutral tones mixed with warm, natural undertones.
Diamond Kote Color series siding denver
Cement pile, Cement or mortar cray isolated on white background. Building Materials. Grady cement powder isolated on white.


Starting with a high-quality FORMULATED FINISH like Diamond Kote® pre-finish is the right choice for siding homes here in Colorado.  Not only because this advanced paint technology utilizes pure metal oxide colorants from rocks makes for gorgeous natural colors.  But also because these natural raw pigments don’t fade over time or from a high UV index as we have at a Milehigh.  Even under the intense Colorado sun, your home siding will stay vibrant and protected from detrimental, ultraviolet rays.  What is more, LP Diamond Kote also gives your siding a long-lasting, scratch-resistant finish–that will stand up to the sometimes severe weather we get here in Colorado.  From wind to hail Diamond Kote is the key to your withstanding the test of time and looking beautiful. In fact, Diamond Kote passes and even excels in paint adhesion testing with a rating of ASTM D3359-09.


Diamond Kote’s proprietary automated process includes robotic sprayers for perfect coverage, advanced finish ingredients, and a clean indoor environment.  This is impossible to achieve on a job site and ultimately this pre-coating process creates a higher quality product. Designed to stand the test of time and give the most protection to homeowners in areas of trying weather patterns like Colorado, durable and scratch-resistant finishes like Diamond Kote are the smart choice for this area.   No peeling, chalking or fading from Diamond Kote colors because its pre-finish is non-porous blocking dirt and moisture that causes other finishes to fail.

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Here at Siding Denver, we take great pride in the siding solutions we provide to our valued customers.  We are also proud of our design services that we offer to them as well.  We want you to be thrilled with the results of an investment as big as new siding.  This is why our designs utilize the cutting-edge computer-aided design software called Renoworks Pro.  This advanced siding design tool allows us to offer home and business owners a beautifully rendered design of their siding choices prior to installation. It is an incredible visualization tool and leads to the very best customer satisfaction in the Denver/Metro area.   Before we even set foot on your property for the siding install–you’ll feel confident that your home/building come out as exactly as you envisioned.  Our friendly, skilled designers are happy to efficiently guide you through choosing attractive color combinations to perfectly highlight your siding, trim, facia, and soffit.  Our stellar service begins with your first consultation and will stay apparent throughout your install and even after we leave your property.

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